A Safe Pair of Hands for your
solar PV system

The bedrock or our business, servicing and maintaining existing PV Systems is where we began. Fixing, Replacing & Upgrading we are here to address all of your Solar needs.

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Our dedicated team

Born out of the need to service and maintain existing systems no job is too small for Solar Armour.

  • Optimise your generation & improve longevity by cleaning and treating your panels
  • Birds can be more than just a nuisance, they can damage your system.  guard and other bird prevention measures.
  • Inverters have come a long way in the last decade and can optimise generation, mitigate shading issues and work directly to store power if you want to add batteries.
  • Battery Storage is for many the best way to optimise your energy generation. Generate, Store & Use your own Power.

Contact a member of our team to discuss your needs and requirements. Our dedicated team of professionals are always happy to help.

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Save money for years to come.
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